Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What is required for riding?
ANSWER: A HELMET is required, we strongly recommend goggles, gloves, boots and any other protective gear for safe riding.

QUESTION: Are there any waivers necessary to ride at the Breezewood Proving Grounds?
ANSWER: Yes, All riders and guests must sign in at the sign in booth before proceeding into the park and you can sign or hand in your waiver there. Click here to download the waiver form.

QUESTION: What happens if we run into some mechanical issues?
ANSWER: Contact Dan

QUESTION: What are your hours of operation?
ANSWER: Our hours of operation are from 8am – Dark Friday through Sunday. We are closed Dec 1 – Mar 1 for the winter.


  • We Promote a Safe Riding Environment
  • NO Riding After Dark
  • NO Alcohol Before Dark
  • NO Big Bikes / Quads on the Kids Track
  • NO Four Wheeler’s (Quads) with TRACKS
  • If you see someone that is in need of assistance, HELP THEM