BPGmx Starting Grid

Outlaw Motocross Racing

2023 is gonna be a Fun Year at the BREEZEWOOD PROVING GROUNDS !!!
Kids Track Racing will be off the charts FUN for Everyone !!!
Adding tons of MULCH, LIGHTS, STARTING GATE and ANNOUNCING TOWER plus several New Jumps.
Kids Track Racing will be in ADDITION to our Outlaw Series that races on the Big Track. Get your self a PitBike and be ready to Bang Bars !
Classes are Not set in Stone we will make adjustments as needed – but keep in mind:

Bike Classes

Kids 50cc Open
Kids 65cc 2st, 110cc 4st (up to 11 yrs)
Kids 85cc 2st/150 4st (up to 15 yrs)
Kool Boy (up to 125cc 2st/250cc 4st up to 16 yrs)
Open Women’s Class
Open Class – Trophy NO Points
250 C (125cc 2st/250cc 4st)
450 C (250cc 2st/450cc 4st)
250 B (125cc 2st/250cc 4st)
450 B (250cc 2st/450cc 4st)
250 A (125cc 2st/250cc 4st) $$$
450 A (250cc 2st/450cc 4st) $$$
Vet 30 Plus Open
Seniors 45 Plus Open
Pit Bikes Open (NO 150’s)

A Class

Is 100% Payback & pays year END Points and winner receives FREE 2023 Membership!

C Class

BEGINNER CLASS Any Racer places in top 3 in three C Class Races is moved up to B Class with no points.

Quad Classes

Kids 50 to 70cc
Kids 90 to 125cc
200/300 Class (up to 15 yrs)
400 Open Class
Open cc C Class (NO Sandbagging)
Open cc B Class
Open cc A Class $$$
Open Trophy Class NO Points

Trike Classes

Trike Open 2 Stroke
Trike Open 4 Stroke
Trike Open Money 100% payback
Trike up to 200cc 4 stroke
Trikes will run at all 7 Races must attend 5 races for points

Sorry these are the ONLY Classes Run

Bikes & Quads

Must attend 5 races to be eligible for points.


Must attend 5 races to be eligible for points.